subprocess/subprocess.hpp file



namespace subprocess
namespace subprocess::exceptions
namespace subprocess::posix_util
namespace subprocess::literals


class subprocess::exceptions::subprocess_error
A catch-all class for all errors thrown by subprocess.
class subprocess::exceptions::usage_error
Thrown when there is an error in the usage of the library's public interface.
class subprocess::exceptions::os_error
Thrown when there is an error at the operating system level.
class subprocess::exceptions::command_error
Thrown when a command exits with a non-zero exit code.
class subprocess::posix_util::shell_expander
POSIX shell argument expander.
class subprocess::descriptor
Abstracts file descriptors.
struct subprocess::in_t
A tag representing stdin of a process.
struct subprocess::out_t
A tag representing stdout of a process.
struct subprocess::err_t
A tag representing stderr of a process.
class subprocess::odescriptor
Adds write ability to descriptor.
class subprocess::idescriptor
Adds read ability to descriptor.
class subprocess::file_descriptor
Wraps a descriptor mapping to a file on the disc.
class subprocess::ofile_descriptor
Always opens the file in write-mode.
class subprocess::ifile_descriptor
Always opens the file in read-mode.
class subprocess::opipe_descriptor
A descriptor wrapping the output end of a posix OS pipe.
class subprocess::ipipe_descriptor
A descriptor wrapping the input end of a posix OS pipe.
class subprocess::ovariable_descriptor
class subprocess::ivariable_descriptor
class subprocess::posix_util::posix_spawn_file_actions
A RAII wrapper over posix_spawn_file_actions_t.
class subprocess::posix_process
Abstraction of a POSIX process with stdin, stdout, and stderr.
class subprocess::command
Main interface class for subprocess library.