subprocess::posix_util::shell_expander class

POSIX shell argument expander.

This class wraps the wordexp syscall in a RAII wrapper. wordexp is a POSIX system call that emulates shell parsing for a string as shell would.

The return type of wordexp includes includes a delimited string containing args for the function that needs to be called.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

shell_expander(const std::string& s) explicit
shell_expander(const shell_expander&) defaulted
shell_expander(shell_expander&&) defaulted noexcept

Public functions

auto operator=(const shell_expander&) -> shell_expander& defaulted
auto operator=(shell_expander&&) -> shell_expander& defaulted noexcept
auto argv() const & -> decltype(std::declval<wordexp_t>().we_wordv)